May 14, 2024

HYPIEND partners participate in the first ENKORE workshop on chemical mixtures and mixed exposure to EDC

The first thematic workshop of the ENKORE Cluster provided an overview of the chemical mixtures selected by the five projects

HYPIEND partners participated in the first ENKORE Cluster thematic workshop on detecting chemical mixtures for further studies on mixed exposure to EDC that took place online on 13th May, 2024. Partners from ProtoQSAR offered a presentation on HYPIEND’s mixture selection.

The workshop, organized by ENDOMIX and led by Roel Vermeulen and Georg Braun, showcased the approaches all five projects participating in the ENKORE cluster (EDC-MASLD, NEMESIS Project, MERLON, HYPIEND and ENDOMIX).

From the HYPIEND team, the presentation was led by Eva Serrano Candelas, from ProtoQSAR, and it highlighted HYPIEND’s approaches for the mixture selection and prioritization.

The workshop provided an overview of the cluster chemical mixtures selected, introducing the approaches followed by the five projects and consortia to detect the chemical mixture and how to prioritize them for further studies.