ProtoQSAR, is a Spanish company with more than a decade of experience in chemical design and development, offering a wide range of specialized services.  
The expertise extends to crafting small molecules, peptides, nanomaterials, and mixtures, alongside compound reprofiling and virtual screening. Leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence in chemoinformatics and structural bioinformatics, ProtoQSAR excels in QSAR models, molecular docking, pharmacophore modeling, and more. Renowned in chemistry, regulatory toxicology, and compound discovery, ProtoQSAR serves diverse sectors like biotech, pharma, cosmetics, and agrifood. The extensive contributions include active involvement in over 10 international research initiatives, 25+ projects, and a rich portfolio of 80+ publications. 


ProtoQSAR’s role in the project will involve employing computational techniques to analyze endocrine disruption compounds. The company will gather comprehensive data and create a knowledge base crucial for characterizing mixtures and assessing their impact on endocrine disruption. Through advanced computational methods, ProtoQSAR aims to provide valuable insights that will enhance understanding and evaluation processes in this domain. 

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