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University of Granada

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The University of Granada (UGR) is one of the largest and most important universities in Spain, with over 56,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and more than 6,000 members of staff. The UGR is also internationally renowned for its excellence and ranked among the top Spanish universities, and it is firmly committed to its participation in the calls of the Framework Programme of the European Union. For Horizon 2020, the UGR obtained a total of 121 projects with total funding around €29,4 million. For the current Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, the UGR has obtained 57 projects, so far, with total funding around €16 million. 


UGR will participate in the intervention study in the first 1000 days by recruiting pregnant women and carrying out the follow up of the mothers and their infants. UGR will be also responsible of the analysis of EDCs in breast milk samples collected as part of the project. UGR has an important expertise and scientific infrastructure in the field of analytical toxicology. 

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